GlidePath Welcomes Chief Operating Officer Rich Tomaszkiewicz

By: Rich Tomaszkiewicz

Joining GlidePath as COO is an opportunity to move the energy storage industry forward and help build projects that America needs to keep the power on. I served more than 40 years at GE, most recently as Senior Director of Global Energy Storage Projects and deployed over 1,000 projects for their customers. My new challenge, in the role of project owner, will be to implement GlidePath’s growth strategy while keeping us nimble and taking advantage of the latest technology in the industry.

The US electric grid is a vast network of 330 million homes and businesses whose demand for electricity is constantly fluctuating. At any given second, and without exception or advance notice, that demand must be met by supply. If you add in the challenges of increasing electric load, aging infrastructure, intermittent renewable generation, and extreme weather, it’s clear that we need to make significant and wise investments in our grid to keep the lights on.

Battery storage is going to be a key part of those investments. At GlidePath, we are increasing the structure and rigor we apply to our project development, construction, and operations so that we can deploy systems with the highest standards for safety, best returns for investors, and the greatest benefits to the local community. I’m excited to help guide that process at a company that also has the flexibility to keep up with the rapid evolution of battery storage.

GlidePath has deep experience in the energy storage industry but is still agile enough to adopt the latest technology. For example, we’re using artificial intelligence in our battery optimization and bidding tools and learning how that software pairs with energy storage hardware. And we will continue to implement cutting-edge technology that makes storage work better.

The battery storage market is growing and changing faster than anyone anticipated. Each stage of growth offers lessons we can learn from to make the next step better. I’m excited to add my own experience to the veteran energy storage team at GlidePath and get to work growing this company and moving the storage industry forward.