GlidePath Welcomes Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management Patrick Meyer

By: Patrick Meyer

After going through Texas A&M University’s Energy Trading Program and my first internship at CaIpine, I immediately knew I wanted to be in the Real-Time Energy Trading business. As a new graduate on a real time power desk, I gained exposure across all ISOs and managed everything from wind, solar, and gas to some of the first energy storage resources. I also gained experience in the growing energy storage market when I helped GlidePath launch the Prospect Energy Storage project in 2019 and started a power market group for Uniper a few years ago.

In the years since, the energy storage market has continued to grow, innovate, and impact the ways we power our world. As we continue to electrify everything — cars, homes, and businesses — the demand for dispatchable generation will surge. But I’m confident that energy storage will help us not only continue to harness clean, sustainable renewable energy but will also evolve in the coming years to be an even more efficient, capable resource for energy operators across the nation. I’m thrilled to be bringing my frontline experience in-house to help a first mover like GlidePath continue to lead the future for energy storage here in the United States.