Honoring GlidePath Veterans

On this Veterans Day, I continue to be inspired by the selfless sacrifice consistently demonstrated by our friends, neighbors, and colleagues around the country. In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, political tensions, and uncertainty about our collective future, our fellow Americans stand up time and again to serve this country and their local communities. Many of our veterans have chosen to create a better future for our country by working in the clean energy industry.

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Military service shaped and refined the skills and values that helped my fellow veterans and myself launch careers in clean energy.  Frank Reichert, served for over fourteen years in the United States Navy and was deployed to over 20 countries during his career, include Dubai, Iran, Iraq, and Norway, among others. Frank’s extensive experience as a Gas Turbine System Mechanic, maintaining LM2500 GE gas turbines and Allison 501-K13 gas turbine engines, LP air compressors, dehydrators, fuel systems, hydraulics, boilers and purifiers, prepared him well for his post-military career in the clean energy sector.

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Frank’s eight years in the clean energy sector began in electrical operations as a control room operator with Acciona Energy North America, a global leader in wind energy. From there, he joined Invenergy, another global clean energy leader, where he served as a solar and battery storage field service engineer, maintaining 14 projects across seven states.

Despite his busy schedule, Frank always found time to give back to other veterans within the organization and throughout the clean energy industry. He helped to stand up the Invenergy Veterans Energy Network and worked with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Joining Forces Solar Ready Vets Initiative.” Now, at GlidePath, Frank manages all operations and maintenance for an operating portfolio of battery storage and solar projects that extends from  Pennsylvania to Guam.

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Frank, along with Army Veteran, Khariell Pinkney, led the recently announced launch of GlidePath’s partnership with Renewance Inc. Renewance is a leader in battery recycling and repurposing that is led by fellow Army Veteran David Mauer. Industry-leading partnerships like these are critical to improve the overall sustainability of renewable energy solutions aided by battery storage. GlidePath’s decision to collaborate with Renewance was driven by a shared vision and commitment to innovation. Khariell’s leadership will help make battery recycling and re-use standard practice in energy storage.

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Khariell is a proud graduate of Urban Prep Academy, located in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, and was the first student from this prestigious institution selected for admission to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

During his time at West Point, Khariell was a distinguished member of the boxing team and was pursuing his commission as an officer of the infantry branch.  His military career, however, was cut short after suffering a serious knee injury. Since joining the GlidePath team in 2018, Khariell has played an integral part in the planning and execution of cross-functional initiatives. He continues to make a positive impact at GlidePath and within our local community by supporting veteran-led initiatives and programs.

So, on this Veterans Day, I give my heartfelt thanks to my fellow veterans for their selfless service in uniform and continued service leading the path forward for our collective clean energy future.

By Kevin Johnson, President, GlidePath Federal Solutions